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Sixty-two thousand years before the birth of Yeshua ha Notzri, whom later humans knew as Jesus the Christ, the Time Wars ended, for reasons which no sentient being now knows. With that ending, the Continuing Time began.

    --From The Long Run, by Daniel Keys Moran

[Welcome to the Continuing Time]


Daniel Keys Moran is the author of some very excellent science fiction. With his cooperation and semi-official approval, we've put this site together to display samples of his work, explain a little bit more about who he is, and provide some archives for the mailing list which discusses his works.

Late-breaking News

5 Apr 2011

The AI War, Book 1, is out! Information and updates by Dan on his blog.

EETLR - short story

22 February 2001

The EE/TLR Limited Edition has completely sold out its print run!
DKM is no longer accepting orders.

See below about how you can still order Dan's earlier Continuing Time novels through Quiet Vision.

Quiet Vision
19 February 2001

Quiet Vision Publishing is now accepting orders for limited edition reprints of four of DKM's novels - The Armageddon Blues, Emerald Eyes, The Long Run and The Last Dancer.
All will be published during 2001.

Note: The edition of "Emerald Eyes" will contain the short story "The Star" (which was also included in the EE/TLR combined edition) about how Trent met Reverend Andy. Here's a conversation from The Star..

TF sample

August 2000

Terminal Freedom, (a limited edition novel co-authored by Daniel Keys Moran and his sister, Jodi Moran) has COMPLETELY sold out - but you can still read the first 3 chapters at the link above.

Trent the Uncatchable

Information about the televison version of Trent the Uncatchable's adventures.
A sample animated clip, image, and script are here as well.


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