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Daniel Keys Moran has graciously allowed these files to be available electronically; something for which we are all grateful. Please respect his copyright notices in each of the files, and the fact that he does make a living by writing.

New! Short pieces, which Dan recorded for NPR's "The Way In".

This is the archive of nonfiction pieces by Daniel Keys Moran. Most of them were taken and edited from posts that he made to the continuing-time mailing list. They include general information about the Continuing Time (its creation and current status as a project) and information about his career as a writer, including some of the problems he's had.

There's also some speeches, Dan's political views, and true real-life incidents.


Short pieces recorded for NPR's "The Way In"

The sound files are edited somewhat from the original text.
You will need an MP3 player or Realaudio's Realplay.
The sound files have identical content.

"The Way In" is only being broadcast on the Sirius Satellite Radio Network, which means that they will not be part of your regular NPR broadcasts.

The Genesis of the "Continuing Time" (and current status)


On Computers

3 dimensional image rendering, and why Hollywood is doomed


On Writing

How Dan writes

Trials and Tribulations

Problems with Bantam

An article about the genesis of The Ring movie novelization. It was originally written for a SFWA bulletin, but ended up not being sent to them due to Bantam's unhappiness with the article.

Problems with Paramount
"Star Trek" is a trademark of the Paramount corporation.

Here's a bunch of quotes that Dan is interested in. It's somewhat long at 40K.

There's also DKM's recommended reading list (and other comments on other authors).




Political views:

Dan is very passionately concerned about the political process. Here are some of his views on the state of our nation. He even considered running for office once!


True Stories:

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