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About Jodi Moran:

DKM says:

"Jodi Anne Moran is my younger sister, born March 9, 1964. (Trent's birthday...) She is the author of one novel that is currently looking for a home: Devlin's Razor. DR concerns the adventures of the Prophet Harry, who is frequently referred to in my novels -- I like to think of her novels as belonging to the Continuing Time, but this is purely my own conceit. If this conceit ever interfered with Jodi's storytelling, she would ruthlessly ignore it ...

She is a better natural writer than I am. I plot better than she does, but that's a result of years of study; I am certainly a better editor. But she has a gift for observation, for language, that supercedes mine.

I love Jodi's writing."

The "Sunset Strip" universe (Terminal Freedom):


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