Festival Night

Dorothy J. Heydt

The crowned man went to the center of the dais and turned to face the room, his arms spread wide. "My people," he said. "I welcome you to our Festival Night. Spring is here, and in this spring we shall go forth and conquer. The Domains will rise to aid us as we go forth, sweeping all opposition before us, till we have burnt out the nest of the usurper, Hastur of Hastur!"

"He's insane," Donald said.

"I know," Marguerida said. "He thinks he's living in the Ages of Chaos."

"Hastur is gathering leroni in Comyn Castle, to channel their witchery against me. But he's doomed to fail. We'll see what laran can do against blasters!

"Tonight, however, it's a time for celebration. Eat and drink---I believe our cooks have come up with something exceptional---and dance and be merry. Remember---" the pasty face creased into a roguish grin that made him look like a diseased cauliflower--- "what's done under the four moons will never be held against anyone. Let the feast begin!" The people dutifully cheered.

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